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5 Tips for Setting Up a Google+ Account

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Using Google+ plays a major role in SEO by providing marketers an easier way to appear in search results. Below are 5 simple tips for setting up a Google+ account in order to get a head-start:

Use Keywords and Relevant Links on Your “About” Page

The “About” page gives viewers the opportunity to get to know your business a little more. Direct potential customers to the most important pages of your website by linking back to specific pages and services. Since Google+ allows you to use bullets in your description, you can easily create an easy-to-read list of your products and services.

Connect with Your Audience by Using Google+ Events

The Events feature on Google+ allows users to send customized invitations to anyone (even if they don’t use Google+). This feature is great for sending invitations for webinars, work-related events, parties and more.

Post Often and Optimize for Best Search Results

Because Google Social Search results are more relevant with your social connections, it is highly important to include keywords within posts. As a result, these keywords will show up in your follower’s search results.

Use Google Authorship for SEO Benefits

In order to encourage bloggers to engage with Google+, Google is using SEO benefits, such as Google Authorship. This is how Google is able to authenticate content. Using Google Authorship is a great way to take advantage of the SEO benefits of Google+ as this will place the author’s picture next to the blog post(s).

Find Relevant Google+ Users and Engage in Relevant Conversations

In order to be successful within an online community, you must engage in relevant conversations that are taking place. Doing so will add value and success to your business within Google+. You can find relevant conversations through the Google+ Shared Circles Directory.

Now that you have these tips, go get started now!