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An SEO Garden

At first glance you may be wondering what I mean by an SEO garden,  let me explain.  Let’s say that you just bought a new house,  but the front yard is just ugly,  there is no curb appeal.  In order to increase your resell value of your home,  you are going to need some great looking curb appeal.  One way to do this is by planting a nice,  pretty garden.  When creating this garden,  you can learn how to do it yourself or you can hire an outside contractor that has specific skill sets to do it for you.  Once this beautiful garden is planted,  there is still going to be maintenance that needs to be done.  Watering the flowers,  trimming the hedges,  pulling out the weeds,  and keeping a daily eye on it to make sure it stays pretty and continues to do its job.  Once again,  you can do this yourself or you can hire somebody that does that professionally.

No,  this is not a real estate blog (which if you are a realtor and you are not dominating local search and social,  you are falling even further behind in rough industry!).  Your house that I am speaking of is your website.  The garden is your SEO.  And the maintenance,  is well,  on-going SEO and maintenance work.  My point?  When you create a new website or are going through a website redesign,  doing a one time SEO project is only going to do so much.  It puts you ahead of those that are not doing anything at all,  but that’s about the only one it puts you ahead of.  A website is a living “thing”.  It needs to grow,  content needs to be added,  links need to be built.  If you are not putting SEO work into these items,  than what’s the point?  Why even do it from the beginning?

What are some of these monthly maintenance items that I am speaking about?

  1. Creating Unique Meta Data for All New Pages – if you are creating a new page,  it should just be part of the implementation process to upload meta data as well,  including image optimization.
  2. Link Building – inbound links,  inbound links,  inbound links. You cannot have enough of them.  Link building is a key component that a lot of SEO programs are missing,  a lot of times because people don’t know what link building is.
  3. Content Optimization – No matter what content is still important.  It goes hand in hand with link building and it also gives people what they are looking for

There are many monthly ongoing tasks that can be done,  but these are some of the top.

Don’t let your SEO Garden die.