Buying Links Will Hurt Your SEO

Paid Links = Bad NewsOverall, SEO can be incredibly challenging to get right. When it comes to developing an effective SEO strategy, the strategy itself should have various ways of attaining visitors. For a long period of time, paid link building has been able to offer significant returns on efforts; however, this led many sites to discover ways to exploit the power of links in order to improve their Google search results.

Many people will often describe Google’s guidelines on many issues to be quite vague when it comes to defining what is and what is not a bad practice for SEO; however, when discussing the issue of paying a site a certain amount of money to link to your site, Google has made it very clear about their personal standing on paid links. If you are currently considering paying for a link, it is vital to consider whether or not your business will survive if you stop receiving traffic from organic results. The fact of the matter is that if you rely on Google organic traffic to survive, then it will not be worth the risk to your business to purchase links.

Although the idea of selling links still exists (despite the fact that Google addressed the issue years ago), the primary issue with selling links is that it causes a link-based reputation to appear shallow. In addition, it can also make a Google search less reliable if the link is not discovered. The process of mass buying links has the potential to ultimately render a site unsearchable and become omitted from Google’s search results, especially if the site is selling links. So, why does Google consider paid links to be bad? To understand this more clearly, it is important to understand that there is a difference between paid advertising and paid linking.

Today, you are likely to see paid advertising all throughout the Internet as it is a primary source of revenue for legitimate businesses around the world. If paid links were allowed by Google, sites that have sizable marketing budgets would have the ability to commit significant amounts of money to create thousands of links. When thinking about paid links in a competitive market, it would certainly control search verticals, therefore, the big businesses would continuously gain strength while the smaller businesses fall behind. Google’s efforts to ignore paid links is the primary reason why many businesses have been able to stay competitive on the Internet, including your own site.

If you are considering paying people for SEO, it is recommended to hire a service that will be able to advise you as well as find relevant places for your links. It is vital to remain persistent and determined with link building as it is a long process that does not necessarily provide results right away. Consider utilizing other resources to operate a successful link building campaign, such as using events that you are participating in or hosting, utilizing market surveys and recycling other content.

By avoiding bad practices, such as buying links, your site will have a greater chance of becoming more successful.