Best of Luck in 2011

We are already three whole days into 2011 and I am tired of reading 2011 predictions and resolutions and what you are going to do for 2011.  We can all have predictions and things we WANT to accomplish and goals we want to meet, but I’d much rather hear about how you accomplished them and how you plan on accomplishing them.  I am not saying that you shouldn’t set out these goals and blog about them, that is the last thing that I would recommend.  I am just stating that I’m done with reading those posts, now I’m ready and excited to read the successful posts afterwards on how you are getting these things accomplished. Continue reading

Affiliate Marketing Monday – Don’t Give Up

Affiliate marketing can be a time consuming process.  Don’t think that you are going to build a website tonight and sign up for affiliate programs and then start making money the next day.  If those are the hopes that you have, and if those are the stories you are hearing from people, then you have been mislead.  Affiliate marketing is not easy, especially at the beginning.  It takes a lot of content, great content at that, in order to build the traffic to your site.  Creating traffic can be the most difficult part for you, and this is where you may start to feel discouraged.  Don’t give up. Continue reading

Chris Stocker Inc is Back

It has been over a month since I last uploaded a post and a lot has changed since then.  As of July 12, I started full time as an SEO specialist for BGT Partners based in Miami, FL.  I decided to take about a month off of the blog in order to get myself back into the flow of working in a 9-5 office environment.  Now that I am back into the groove of things I have decided to start blogging again.  There have been so many updates in SEO tools, and WordPress updates and the Affiliate Summit going on right now, that there is just way too much to talk about. Continue reading

Using WordPress For E-Commerce

When most people think of WordPress, they simply just think about a blogging software.  WordPress is a lot more than that.  WordPress offers several free shopping cart plugins to use on your site.  The one that I personally recommend is the WP e-Commerce Plugin.

The setup for this plugin is quick and easy.  Simply install and activate the shopping cart plugin from your Dashboard while logged into WordPress.  From there, it is all self-explanatory.  This plugin allows you to easily upload a mass product list, or create individual products with shipping attributes, tax attributes and photos of the products.  The plugin is free, but does offer extended features for a small fee, $40 for a single blogger and $195 for unlimited usage for a business. Continue reading

Affiliate Marketing Monday – Designing User Friendly Site

web designIn this week’s edition of Affiliate Marketing Monday, we are going to focus on the design of your site and the importance of it.  As discussed in the past, it is all about content, content, content.  Not just for the search engines, but also for your readers.  However, once your readers are on the site, is it easy for them?  Are they directed to a call to action?  Here are a few design questions to ask yourself to make sure that you are getting the most out of your design. Continue reading