Three Ways to Get More out of Your Press Release

Press releases have multiple different purposes when it comes to online marketing.  We all know that a press release is a great idea when you have an announcement to make.  Whether it is a new product launch, or a new service, or possibly even a new partnership.  There are other opportunities out there for press releases if they are done correctly and syndicated properly.  Let’s take a look at just a few of them. Continue reading

Link Building is Oldest Form of Social Media

This post was influenced by a conversation that I had with Hugo Guzman (writes a great blog about enterprise marketing) several months ago that has been lingering in my head. Let’s face it.  Link building is one of the most important aspects of the SEO game.  Not only does SEO as an industry have a bad reputation, link building is an aspect of SEO that has an even worse reputation.  But lets take a different look at link building.  Link building is one of the oldest forms of social media, even before social media was…. social media.  When you say or hear the word social media right away you think Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, just to name a few.  But you don’t think link building. Continue reading

An SEO Garden

At first glance you may be wondering what I mean by an SEO garden,  let me explain.  Let’s say that you just bought a new house,  but the front yard is just ugly,  there is no curb appeal.  In order to increase your resell value of your home,  you are going to need some great looking curb appeal.  One way to do this is by planting a nice,  pretty garden.  When creating this garden,  you can learn how to do it yourself or you can hire an outside contractor that has specific skill sets to do it for you.  Once this beautiful garden is planted,  there is still going to be maintenance that needs to be done.  Watering the flowers,  trimming the hedges,  pulling out the weeds,  and keeping a daily eye on it to make sure it stays pretty and continues to do its job.  Once again,  you can do this yourself or you can hire somebody that does that professionally. Continue reading