Social Needs to be Part of Your SEO Strategy

Social Integration with SEOMany businesses will agree that one of the most misunderstood and confusing aspects of Internet marketing relates to social media and SEO. Social media marketing companies need to constantly educate and inform consumers regarding the differences between SEO and social media. Although Internet marketing changes rapidly, social media is also changing, usually more quickly than other forms. For example, new algorithms for SEO may change every few months, but social media changes usually take place on a daily basis. Continue reading

SEO Tips for Businesses with Multiple Locations

Multiple Location Business SEOThere are many local businesses that operate as part of a franchise system, as a brand licensee or underneath a corporate structure that has many locations across the country or region. In order to obtain high organic search engine rankings, SEO for multiple locations can be challenging. Below are some tips for small business SEO that will help increase your local pages’ ranks in the local search engine results: Continue reading

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5 Tips for Setting Up a Google+ Account

Google+ Icon

Using Google+ plays a major role in SEO by providing marketers an easier way to appear in search results. Below are 5 simple tips for setting up a Google+ account in order to get a head-start:

Use Keywords and Relevant Links on Your “About” Page

The “About” page gives viewers the opportunity to get to know your business a little more. Direct potential customers to the most important pages of your website by linking back to specific pages and services. Since Google+ allows you to use bullets in your description, you can easily create an easy-to-read list of your products and services. Continue reading

Why Local Citations Are Important for SEO

When it comes to having an effective SEO strategy, citations are incredibly important to your local business listings.

What are local citations?

By definition, citations are “mentions” of your business name and address on other webpages, regardless of whether or not there is a link to your website. Including local citations for SEO are a key component of the ranking algorithms. Businesses that have more citations are more likely to rank higher compared to businesses with fewer citations (assuming that all other factors are equal).

Local Citations

Local citations for SEO are able to validate that a business is part of a community. Citations from reliable websites are able to help improve your local search engine ranking. Citations can be found in local search engines, local blogs, locally-focused directories and industry-focused directories or blogs.

Local search engines will often find citations that will validate or correct the business information in their own indexes. Perform searches that include “[your industry] directory” and “[your keyword] directory” in order to get a few ideas of the types of sites on which to get listed. If your business is in a less-competitive niche, local citations are even more important to have, especially for service providers that do not have websites.

Citations from well-indexed portals are able to help increase the degree of certainty that search engines have about your business’ contact information and categorization. Without enough information, such as a website, search engines will rely on whatever information that they can find, including reviews.

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