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Google Affiliate Network Shutting Down: Options for Merchants Looking for Affiliate Networks

GoogleAffiliateNetworkFor the second time, Google has announced that they are closing their affiliate network. Before you start to panic, you may feel more at ease knowing that there are other options available so that you may continue your affiliate marketing. As a merchant, you are likely now seeking a new affiliate tracking solution that involves simple policies as well as procedures. Below are a few options for affiliate networks that merchants have to choose from now that GAN (Google Affiliate Network) is no more.

Commission Junction

Of all main networks, Commission Junction is known to have the most merchant partners signed up. With a well-organized directory of affiliate programs, merchants are able to identify which companies’ affiliate programs are best to join. In addition, merchants are also able to determine which ads will be the most effective to run on their site. Commission Junction allows webmasters from around the world to sign up, therefore, they also have the option to be paid in their choice of 27 different currencies. The website itself is available in 12 different languages as well. A few of CJ’s (Commission Junction) merchants include Tower Records, USA Today, New York Times, Capitol One, Flowers USA, Harlequin Romances and many others.


As one of the most popular affiliate networks today, LinkShare preserves as well as deals with Internet programs for a wide variety regarding merchants with other types of companies and products. This affiliate network is particularly ideal for merchants that are looking for a simpler way to manage most data of the visitors’ click-throughs, sales financial transactions and commission rates. It also provides the idea for your requirements month-to-month all at once. As a large affiliate network, LinkShare’s merchants include a wide range of e-commerce companies, such as,, Dell Computer, Disney, OfficeMax, JC Penny, Hallmark,, Eddie Bauer, CBS SportsLine and many others.


When you sign up with ShareSale as a merchant, you will have the opportunity to decide which action will constitute a commission as well as the cost of that commission. Depending upon which affiliate brought you traffic or other pre-set criteria, you may also have multiple different commission structures. ShareSale allows merchants to quickly upload multiple videos, text links, banners, widgets and much more. Your affiliates will then be able to select from your available creatives so that they may start sending you visitors as they use their own traffic generation methods. With the Merchant API advanced feature, merchants are also able to create programs and/or software that determine when to pull or update data.

Another option that you may want to consider for affiliate networks is ClickBank. These different affiliate networks will have different pricing models. Some may even require a set-up fee from a new merchant. Other affiliate networks will request a lump sum as a deposit against the first payments. Almost all affiliate networks will want a certain percentage of the commission paid, therefore, it is vital that you, as a merchant, should consider these fees into your calculations.

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