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How to Set up Google+ Page

google_plus_logoFor many businesses and brand pages, Google+ has opened many doors. Below are some tips on how to create a Google+ page that is effective for your business.

If you have not yet already created a personal Google+ profile for yourself, you will probably want to do that before using Google+ to create a page for your business. Google will not allow you to simply create a business page from the main Google+ sign-up screen.

Once you have a personal profile, follow these steps to create a page for your business:

  1. Find the “Create a Page” on the homepage of Google+.
  2. You will need to choose one of the five options for categories:
    1. Local Business or Place
    2. Product or Brand
    3. Company, Institution or Organization
    4. Arts, Entertainment or Sports
    5. Other
  3. Regardless of the category that you choose, you will also need to choose whether your page’s content is suitable for any Google+ user, users 18 years of age or older, users 21 of age or older or you will need to specifically make a note that the content will be alcohol-related.
  4. Choose whether or not if you would prefer updates for Google+ pages.
  5. Agree to the terms and conditions. Click “Continue”.

Once you have selected the specific category of your page, you are now ready to begin customization of your page’s public profile:

  1. Create a tagline (10 words or less) that describes your overall page and add your page’s public photo.
  2. On your page’s welcome screen, you will be able to edit your page’s information. Click on the profile icon at the top of the page. Click on the “About” tab and “Edit Profile”.
  3. Add a photostrip. These will include five photos that will be displayed under your page’s name and tagline. Use various photos that positively represent your business.
  4. Continue editing your page’s profile in order to reflect what your business is about and what it does.

If you need additional information about how to use Google+ for your business or personal use, visit Google’s Help Page.