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Online and Offline Marketing Work Together

Let’s say that you are a company that has spent majority of your ad spend dollars on offline, direct marketing materials.  This puts you into a large group of other businesses.  As a web marketing guy, I still understand marketing as a whole, and direct marketing is not dead, and I don’t think it will ever die.  On the other end of things, I also feel that online marketing, web and mobile, are growing more and more important and that companies need to begin spending more money on their online campaigns.  Most importantly, they need to work together.

Direct mailing campaigns are a great opportunity to drive customers to your website.  Once on your site, there has to be a common theme that they saw on your direct mailing.  When these two items work together, the success rate is going to increase.  Let’s take a brief example.  You own a company that sells boats.  You send out a direct mailing flyer that discusses a brand new Tracker Bass boat that is on sale.  On this flyer, you direct them to go to your website.  They go to your website to a specific page that you created, and there is all the content that was on the flyer, and it is now also on this page.  Conversions galore!

This goes with television ads as well.  All of your marketing needs to be working together, and not different departments creating different campaigns.

Very simple!