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How I Run a Digital Marketing Agency from an iPad Pro

running a digital marketing agency with iPad Pro

I have owned several different iPads throughout the years, but when my Macbook Pro was starting to run a bit slower and was becoming a problem in running my business, I had to decide if the latest iPad Pro was going to be something that I could use to manage my business.

I do use a 27″ iMac at my desk, but since I work outside of the office so often, I need something that is reliable and powerful enough to handle everything that I need to do without skipping a beat from the iMac. Well, the iPad Pro has been that solution.

I’ve been using an iPad Pro to run my digital marketing agency for a few months now, and I couldn’t be happier.

Here are a few of the apps that I use to help manage my business:


There are a lot of different apps out there for project management and team collaboration, but this has been the one that works best for me and my team. I’ve used Trello in the past, but have found that Asana has cut down on a lot of email communication and can easily track conversations a lot easier. I can do everything on this app that I can from a desktop.

Google Drive

This is a no-brainer. Our team utilizes Google Docs / Sheets (etc.) for pretty much everything. This app can easily be used on an iPad Pro just as easily as it can be on a desktop.


What would a digital marketing agency be without a social media service to schedule posts? Like project management apps, there are a lot out there and it’s important to use what works for you and your team. For us, that is Hootsuite when it comes to social media management.


Clients need newsletters created, reviewed, scheduled, and analyzed? No problem, I use the Mailchimp app directly on the iPad Pro to accomplish all of this.


I have been using Canva since it basically was released. Canva has saved our team hours upon hours of time by not having to create custom graphics from scratch. The Canva app for the iPad Pro is amazing. Especially with the Apple Pencil. I am able to create custom graphics with ease within the Canva app, just like I could from my iMac.


There were two main things that I never could do on my previous iPads. One was web development (which I can easily do on the iPad Pro now) and movie editing. Well, with the iPad Pro and the iMovie app, I can edit just as well as I can on the iMac.


We have to invoice and bill for all of this work we’re doing right? The Freshbooks app is just as easy as the desktop version and can be done on the iPad Pro with zero issues.