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Snapchat’s Latest Feature is a Game Changer

I know you’ve heard all about Snapchat over the last year. Don’t forget that I’ve been writing about Snapchat since 2014, well before the hype really kicked up.

So, to say that I am super excited about Snapchat’s latest feature, is a complete understatement.

If you haven’t heard yet, Snapchat is now allowing you to add links to your Snaps!

This is a game-changer.

Game-changer, I hate that word, but I’m using it anyway.

Instagram has slowly been rolling out allowing users to add links and let viewers “Swipe Up” to go to a link. That feature is great for Instagram because currently you have to leave a Story or post and go to the user’s profile and “Click the Link in Bio”

chris stocker snapchat codeIn Snapchat, it was even more difficult to drive traffic to a website.

You would have to ask your viewers to take a screenshot of your Snap with the URL in it and then they would have to leave Snap to open up a browser on their phone and type in that URL.

Not many people were doing that.

That does not mean that Snapchat wasn’t building value for brands, but let’s not get into that discussion just yet.

Now with links included in the Snap, the sky is the limit. Let’s say you just wrote a new article on your site, or you have a new video up on YouTube. You can now use Snap to give a little preview with a link to the full article or video.

Want to have a coupon code specifically for people that follow you on Snap? Perfect, now, not only can you include the coupon code, but also a link directly to your sales landing page.

As a digital marketer, I have been waiting for Snapchat to release this.

I have been slowly winning the battles with clients to just try Snapchat, and now this is just going to make it so much easier.

This is a short article because I’m not going to repeat myself on why you should use Snapchat for business. You can just read that article to find out.

Happy Snapping.