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Social Needs to be Part of Your SEO Strategy

Social Integration with SEOMany businesses will agree that one of the most misunderstood and confusing aspects of Internet marketing relates to social media and SEO. Social media marketing companies need to constantly educate and inform consumers regarding the differences between SEO and social media. Although Internet marketing changes rapidly, social media is also changing, usually more quickly than other forms. For example, new algorithms for SEO may change every few months, but social media changes usually take place on a daily basis.

Google was the first search engine to confirm the use of social media tracking in SEO rankings. One of the most integrated social media options available today is known as Google+.

Using social media for SEO is growing to be more important each day. Every social media marketing agency is constantly working to deal with emerging SEO ratings that integrate social media ratings in the new algorithms. The bottom line is that SEO is becoming more dependent on social signals for SEO and it is expected to continue to grow, therefore, business owners must learn to adapt in order to keep their business running.

Social media managers must be in constant communication with SEO managers, if they are different people.  In order for an SEO campaign to work to its full potential, social media must be used.  This can be sharing links, building relationships with influencers in your community, or to provide expert insights into your niche.

Social media is part of SEO. Deal with it!