Stop Talking About Starting a Business and Go Do It

traffic-light-figure-1-1174212-639x651Since starting my business almost 7 years ago, a day hasn’t gone by that I didn’t learn a valuable lesson. During this time, I have also received a lot of questions about starting a business, managing a business, and psychological side of owning a business. So I figured, why not share some of those questions and answers here.

One of the most frequently asked questions is simply, how do I start my own business?

This is a loaded question obviously, and it definitely has a loaded answer.

The very first answer is, you have to want it. You can’t question whether or not you want to own your own a business, because as soon as you start to question it, you’re going to fail.

Why do I say that?

You never know when you are actually ready to do something until you actually do it. You can plan and plan and plan for days, months, years and then first day of operations something happen that you didn’t plan for and all of your planning meant nothing.

You have to be willing to just take the risk of losing everything and just do. You want to start a web design company, just start designing websites. You want to start a fishing supply dropship site, just do it.

The longer you think about whether or not you should do it, and start asking yourself all of the what-if’s the longer it is that you’re going to NOT act on your plan. This is what a want-trepreneur does. Talks about their amazing business, but doesn’t actually do it. “Man, if I had a fishing business I’d be so happy and have so much money, blah blah blah.”


Then why don’t you just go do it?

Are you waiting for your second life and second  trip on this earth?

Stop talking about starting a business and go do it.