Affiliate Marketing Monday – Affiliate Reporting

seo reportingThis week’s Affiliate Marketing Monday is going to be fully focused on the reporting aspect of managing an affiliate program.  As discussed in a previous edition about Managing Your Affiliate Program, reporting is an essential part of properly manging any program.  I am going to discuss a few different categories that you will want to include in your report:  Traffic, Sales, Costs, Affiliate Data.  Let’s begin. Continue reading

Affiliate Marketing Monday – Managing Your Affiliates

thank you notesIn this week’s edition of Affiliate Marketing Monday, we are going to discuss managing your affiliates.  There are two main types of affiliate management that we will get into as well as how to manage them.  Let’s just jump right into it. Continue reading

5 Tips for Managing Merchant Affiliate Programs During the Holiday Season

affiliate marketingHoliday Banners

During this time of year, your creatives will stand out more with a little holiday re-design.  Keeping your overall brand image is obviously important, so throwing a little snow over your logo, or having a pumpkin harvest in your design will not hurt.  It will add an unique look to your brand and create more clicks.  Be creative with your banners, that’s why they are called “creatives”!  By updating these banners you will be eliminating the banner burnout that can occur as well.  You can add this holiday theme with a static or animated graphic, depending on where your ad is going to be displayed.  Sure, having snow falling down onto your logo may sound great, but make sure it fits the page the affiliate has it on. Continue reading