Affiliate Marketing Monday – Content Creates Sales

content creates salesLast week we changed gears on the Affiliate Marketing Monday series and started to focus on the affiliate side of things.  I went into a little bit about blogging and having great content in order to bring advertisers in and to get readers.  Today, I am going to focus completely on content, content, content.  Content is what is going to make you your money.  Bottom line is this, if your content sucks, so will your affiliate marketing results. Continue reading

Affiliate Marketing Monday – Affiliate Beginner’s Guide

domain nameIn the four previous Affiliate Marketing Monday, I have discussed tips and issues from an affiliate manager side of things.  Today we will get into a four part series from the affiliate side.  You can tell from the right hand side of my blog that I am also an affiliate, as I think most affiliate program managers are as well.  What does it mean to be an affiliate?  Basically, you promote links or banners of another company for your visitors to click on.  If that visitor makes a purchase from that site, you receive a commission.  That is the very basics of things.  Another name that you may be called as an affiliate is a publisher, because you are publishing the content and links on your site.  Now, let’s get into how you can make money, and no this is not going to be a get rich quick post, if you want that, watch infomercials at 3:00 a.m. in the morning.  Here are 5 tips to getting started. Continue reading