5 Ways Social Media Can Kill Your Brand

social media mistakesEveryone always talks about social media these days and how it has changed the way we live and the way we do business.  I tend to agree 100% on this.  It has made it easier to communicate with your customers and it has also made it easier for your customers to talk about you.  If done right, social media can turn your business around and help you grow your customer base to levels you have yet to reach.  However, if not done properly, it can kill your brand.  Here are 5 ways that social media can kill your brand. Continue reading

How Do You Explain Your Work to Family Members

seo workWith part of my consulting business being social media management, it is tough to explain to family what it is exactly that I do because they just don’t get it.  CSI Marketing Solutions primarily does social media management, web design, affiliate program management and SEO consulting.  Having this type of job can become stressful on your family and relationships that you have, so it is important to manage them properly. Continue reading

Social Media Management Requires Time Management

time managementHave you ever opened up TweetDeck and planned on getting multiple things done and then 4 hours later you realize you have not even started those initial projects?  Have you found yourself just clicking links on Twitter and reading blogs and checking Facebook for updates or just get lost in the social media world?  Well, that is not going to get anything accomplished for you.  So in order to properly manage your social media, you need to be a time management expert as well.  Here are a few tips and tricks to manage it better. Continue reading

How Social Media Has Changed the World

social mediaOver the last decade or so the internet has been making the world a much smaller place to live.  The world wide web has done just that, extended your company into a global presence.  We all know these things, so I’m not going to waste your time or mine talking about.  Go read a post from 15 years ago if you want to know about that.  I’m talking about how some newer web tools have leveled the playing field for people by making everybody just one or two clicks away.  How social media has changing the world. Continue reading

Getting Started in Social Media Can Be Overwhelming – Plan it Out!

social media planGetting started in social media can be really overwhelming.  With all the posts out there with top 5 things to do for this, and top 5 things not to do for this, and the top 10 apps for iPhone, etc, it can just be difficult to find a place to actually start.  This is true for myself as I just started digging deep into the whole social media aspect of things about 7-8 months ago.  I have been blogging for over 2 years, I’ve been  doing SEO work for about 2 years and have been managing affiliate programs and PPC campaigns for about the same time.  But one thing that I didn’t catch onto was using Twitter, Facebook (my profile is not up to par yet – still working on it) and LinkedIn to name a few to my professional advantage.  It wasn’t until I attended Affiliate Summit East 2009 in New York City that I finally got the memo. Continue reading