How Do You Explain Your Work to Family Members

seo workWith part of my consulting business being social media management, it is tough to explain to family what it is exactly that I do because they just don’t get it.  CSI Marketing Solutions primarily does social media management, web design, affiliate program management and SEO consulting.  Having this type of job can become stressful on your family and relationships that you have, so it is important to manage them properly. Continue reading

Attending Entrepreneur Magazine’s Growth 2.0 Conference.

entrepreneur magazineThis upcoming Tuesday, January 26, 2010 there is a free conference down in Miami Beach that I will be attending.  It is the Entrepreneur Magazine’s Growth 2.0 Conference. You may still be able to sign up to attend, I am not sure.  I know there was a limit for the conference, so check it out now.  I’m excited to attend because this should be a great networking conference.  I will give a full review next week after I attend but here are a few of the people that will be speaking at the show. Continue reading