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Three Ways to Get More out of Your Press Release

Press releases have multiple different purposes when it comes to online marketing.  We all know that a press release is a great idea when you have an announcement to make.  Whether it is a new product launch, or a new service, or possibly even a new partnership.  There are other opportunities out there for press releases if they are done correctly and syndicated properly.  Let’s take a look at just a few of them.


When writing a press release, it is extremely important to not just have a link back to your home page, but also to include some links to a top page or two within your site.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to choose what anchor text that you want to use and then drop the link in.  Once the press release begins to be syndicated and posted across the interwebs, you will be increasing your total amount of links for that particular keyword.  This is not only good for link building purposes, but it will also help drive initial traffic to those top, targeted pages.

Brand Awareness

Press releases are an easy way to help spread awareness of your brand.  If you are not constantly in front of your customers, others will be.  Along with the links as mentioned above, press releases help increase your branded organic traffic as well.  If increases your organic traffic is a big goal for you, than press releases can help with this.  For example, you own a company which sells a lot of other third party branded items.  If you do not rank for these third party items, then it is essential for you to get traffic from your brand, knowing that people are coming to your brand to buy the other brands.  However, if your brand awareness is not strong, people may begin to forget about your brand and go directly to the other third parties.  Press releases get people talkin again and searching for your brand once again.

Social Media

When I say social media here, I mean, how do you get your press release to spread faster.  Think about it, when a press release lands in your inbox, what do you do?  Do you forward it in e-mail along to friends?  Do you create and write your own tweet or Facebook post?  What if, within the press release the company already created a short blurb for you, that all you have to do is copy and paste into all your social media accounts?  Getting your press release to reach the most amount of people possible can be the hardest part.  Make it easy on those that would like to help share for you.

There are plenty of other tips about writing press releases, but these are three quick tips to help you get more out of your press release.