Social Media

Tips for Tweeting

twitter for businessIf you have a Twitter account for your business, it may be difficult at times to know what to tweet. Many business Twitter account users often make the mistake of going straight for the sell and could stand to learn a few tips for tweeting.

Although it may be effective in spreading your online presence, it can often be one of the worst methods to use as many Twitter users will view it as spam.

For this reason, it can be quite difficult for small business owners to effectively promote their business through the use of Twitter.

Below are some of the best practices for tweeting:

1. Personal Tweets: Sharing things allows other people to get to know you better; however, avoid tweeting the entire day about what you do.

2. Retweets: “Retweeting” other relevant tweets to your business is a great way to promote your business through Twitter. Share tips and interesting articles from reliable sources.

3. Replies: Engaging interest in your followers is vital to your business’ online reputation. Whenever possible, always reply to messages that you receive on your business’ Twitter page, especially if it is to answer a potential customer’s question or concern.

4. Questions/Participation Tweets: If you want recommendations or want your followers to interact with you more often, consider asking questions. Interaction is incredibly important as it is a two-way conversation.

5. Business-Related Tweets: Of course, you will always want to include occasional tweets about your company in order to gain more leads. After building a strong following, you can post tweets about your business. Keep these kinds of tweets to somewhat of a minimum. For every business tweet you post, be sure to create 10 additional tweets that will be effective in engaging your customers.