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Why You Should Be Using Custom Snapchat Filters

First, if you aren’t using Snapchat for business, then you need to read why your business should be on Snapchat.

I am now assuming that if you are still reading this post, you are currently using Snapchat. If you are, then you may or may not be familiar with the current free Snapchat filters. If you take a picture or video in Snapchat and then swipe left or right, you will be able to use one of the free filters. These filters are also known as geo-filters.

Snapchat uses your location (as long as it is turned on) while you use the app to figure out which free filters to allow. For example, if you are in Manhattan, then you may be able to use the Manhattan skyline Snapchat filter.

A more recent example was the Snapchat filters that were created for the Super Bowl. If you were at the game, you were able to access additional filters that included the score and time of the game, a Broncos or Panthers logo, etc.

Snapchat has recently announced that they are allowing custom filters to be created for a price. The custom filters will start off at $5 and increase based on the amount of time of the filter and the area it will be used.

Below are four reasons why you should be using custom Snapchat Filters


As previously mentioned, the cost is starting at just $5 for a custom filter. That means for the cost of a latte or frappacino, you could have your own custom Snapchat filter. If you are not able to afford the costs of the Snapchat filter, then I think there are larger problems.

Brand Awareness

Every time someone uses the Snapchat filter and either shares the image / video on their Story or with their friends and followers, your brand is gaining more recognition.

Fan Engagement

Snapchatters love filters. They use them. They may even snap a picture just because of the filter where if there was not a filter, they may have never taken the photo. For example, let’s take a retail brand like Hollister. The benefits of creating a custom filter that can be used inside their store locations so that customers can take pictures and share with their friends is much higher than the costs for creating it.

Cross Promotion

Snapchat also offers the opportunity to download and save your photo to your camera roll. That means, you can use the Snapchat filters, text, and paint brush tool to mark up your photo, and then save. Once that photo is saved to your camera roll, you can then share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social network that you use. This means that when someone uses your custom Snapchat filter, it can be cross promoted amongst other social media channels. For example, a contest could be ran on Facebook by having people share their Snapchat custom filter photo on Facebook. You are now reaching the audiences of both of the customers followers.

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