Using Google Authorship to Enhance Your Site

google-authorship-chris-stocker-incGoogle is constantly making changes to its algorithm, we all know that, but it’s important as a small business owner, that you understand what these changes mean to you, or at least hire somebody who does. Websites that collect content from other sources for the purpose of gaining more traffic to their sites were more negatively affected by these changes. On the other hand, sites that only offer high-quality and original content continued to climb their way up in the search results.

In order for your business’ website or blogs to be successful, you need to create great content. Remember, content will always be king. If you are searching for a new way to improve the success of your website, you may want to highly consider utilizing Google Authorship in order to make a significant impact in your Google search rankings.

Google’s main focus is on the production of high quality content that provides accurate, in-depth information. With that being said, Google wants businesses or authors that create content for their websites to begin implementing Google Authorship as this feature is able to notify Google that the content you create for your website is associated with you. Not only for your own site, but if you create content on other industry blogs or sites, and your Authorship snippet is included, than Google will recognize you as the content creator.

Google Authorship is able to place your picture and other specific information next to your website or blog listing in the search results. This is a feature that is available for those that wish to better enhance the information that potential readers will see when they perform a search on Google in your specific area of expertise. This will help you stand out in the search results. You may learn more information about how to use Google Authorship by visiting Google’s Authorship help page.

Even if your site(s) has been affected by some of Google’s algorithm updates of 2012, you can still implement the Google Authorship markup and begin the process of being on the road to recovery. Be sure to evaluate (or re-evaluate) your website to determine what content should be added and/or removed. By properly utilizing the Google Authorship markup for your website as well as for the content that you share, Google will be sure to give you credit as the author of the content. This can help your site rise in the search engine. Whether you are a publisher or a business owner, this tool is ideal for increasing the amount of traffic that your website receives.