What are Enhanced AdWords Campaigns?

google_adwordsOn February 6th of this year, Google announced a significant upgrade to their AdWords platform with Enhanced Campaigns. Traditionally, AdWords campaigns are separated by device. This new change will allow Google to make it easier for small businesses to run their AdWords campaigns by adding several new features. These features include multi-device bidding and marketing, advanced reporting features and smarter ad targeting. These features make it simple for small businesses to run their AdWords campaigns because managing one campaign versus managing several.

The feature of multi-device bidding is available for an array of various devices, including tablets, mobile phones, laptops and PCs. Depending upon the user’s device, location and time of day, more relevant searches can be made. This feature makes it simple for advertisers to manage their bids for ads with nearly any type of device.

Bidding is completed with one campaign rather than create multiple campaigns for different devices. Although multi-device bidding makes it easier to manage, there is less control. For example, if you are searching for a specific conversion that involves downloading software, there are still several devices out there that do have the capability of performing this type of action, therefore, you will not be able to forget about any device. In addition, advertisers that currently have separated mobile campaigns will have to combine the campaigns with their computer campaigns.

The new feature of advanced reporting allows advertisers to count as well as track app downloads quite easily, including click-to-call extensions. Not only will advertisers easily be able to track phone call conversions, but they will also be able to compare specific numbers to the current amount of leads, conversions and sales. Unfortunately, for some advertisers, it can become time-consuming to move their campaigns to the new click-to-call features that advanced reporting offers.

With smarter ad targeting, you can expect to see new ads that are more specific to what you are searching for on a particular device, including sitelinks, ad text, extensions and apps for each Ad Group and search device. One of the greatest advantages of smarter ad targeting is that it gives advertisers an easier way to update their sitelinks, ad text and extensions without being required to change this throughout several campaigns for different devices.

If your company has a physical location, phone number and e-commerce website, it will be that much easier to manage under one company, rather than numerous ad extensions and campaigns. Due to the fact that current ad extensions and mobile campaigns must be transferred to one campaign, advertisers may find that this feature makes things difficult and time-consuming, therefore, there is little control over ad extensions.

Despite the fact there are both advantages and disadvantages to Enahanced AdWords campaigns, most advertisers will find that they can greatly benefit from this upgrade; however, it may be a task to move the current campaigns into one large campaign. It is expected that the Enhanced Campaigns are set-up to be upgrades across all AdWords campaigns by the middle of this year.